Member Benefits

The list of member benefits continues to grow. Benefits will be available to the extent that financial resources allow. Consideration shall be given to diversity of benefit requests, potential of the desired benefit to enrich the community of members and/or larger community and the frequency with which individual members have already received benefits. Members are encouraged to suggest new benefits that help MAPD meet the changing professional needs of licensed and technical professionals and its mission. Benefits must be for activity incurred during fiscal year when membership is active.


Professional Licensure Reimbursement

Professional licensure is required for career advancement and works to ensure licensed professionals training current through completion of continuing education. This is so valuable to individuals, the organizations in which they work and the larger community that MAPD will reimburse the cost of professional licensure in a member’s home state. Reimbursement for licensure in other states can also be considered. Memberships run from July 1 through June 30th.

Eligibility for this benefit requires membership in MAPD over two fiscal membership years.


Career Development Scholarship

MAPD provides scholarships for continued education for a certificate, diploma or degreed program. A direct focus of such programs may be in technical fields such as engineering, surveying, architecture or in programs that may support such fields with professional or managerial education.


Educational Conference Support

Financial support is available for participation in conferences, seminars and workshops that offer valuable education and opportunities to share information that can contribute to an individual’s personal and professional development. Sharing ideas can inspire new creativity, invention and further the collective body of known knowledge.


Professional Organization Membership Support

MAPD members may be reimbursed for membership fees in other professional organizations.


Networking Opportunities

Members will be informed of networking opportunities that are available to them. The benefits of networking are many which help individuals to increase their professional connections, professional knowledge, learn of opportunities, collaborate and make social connections.


Continuing Education Opportunities

These events will be announced as developed throughout the year. Members are encouraged to pass along information about continuing education they find well done and informative.


Support of students or educational programs in math, science, engineering and surveying


Free Professional Engineer Review Class

Working with other professional organizations, MAPD will provide members with opportunities to review information that may help to prepare them to take the PE exam.

2018 Spring classes start in February

To receive schedule & register, email


Public Policy Education and Civic Engagement


Cost Saving Product Partnerships

These opportunities will be announced as developed or when available.


How to Access Your Benefits

Benefit request should be sent directly to MAPD in some written format. Allow thirty (30) days for acceptance/denial or processing.

Licensure Reimbursement

This is a guaranteed benefit for approved members. After you have paid your professional licensure fee, submit documentation showing licensure (examples: a copy of proof of license, receipt) and payment to MAPD.

Other Benefits

Submit correspondence providing a description of the benefit desired with any supportive documentation further describing the activity.